Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

>>> So yeah! first time wordpress user here!

I have tried using blogger/blogspot in the past so this is not really new to me.

I want to have a fresh new start in the blogging world so I decided to make it different this time. Each Day would have its theme, namely:

“DAILY” Monday = my self-reflections, experiences and opinions that I would like to share with the readers (Anything under the sun)

“VLOGGY” Tuesday = I’ll be posting a video update about where I am or what I am currently doing.

“DREAMY” Wednesday = Fictional or Mystical stories and experiences and its meaning. I’ll also add a Horoscope for the day corner (all zodiacs listed).

“SCENIC” Thursday = I’ll share photos of beautiful people and places.

“ENTERTAINMENT” Friday = Music/Celebrity Updates Worldwide.

“TECHIE” Saturday = Software giveaways, latest news on gadgets, games, blogs or any computer related hardwares/softwares.

“WACKY” Sunday = Funny videos, jokes, pranks, comics and one-liners.

>> So there you have it, hopefully I can interest you guys with the posts that I’ll be making on this blog. You can send your comments/suggestions by leaving a reply below.

Thank you,

~ Jaz


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