Meet my new plushie (ugly doll)!

Meet my new plushie (ugly doll)!

Name: Kyotou –  (Japanese word for BIG HEAD)
Nick: Mascot ng libagin (in other terms labahin)
DOB: October 5, 2010
Mother/creator: Jaz
Description: a mouthless rabbit with unequal (size) set of eyes.
Characteristics: quiet and shy but very friendly. ;p
This was on my “to do list (#1)” earlier.
#1 = “SUCCESS”

One thought on “Meet my new plushie (ugly doll)!

  1. Sadly, my Kyotou has been butchered by a gatling gun. I tried to revive him but he was severely injured. He’s in a better place now.. in my sewing box.. safe from bb attacks.

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