for Dreamy Wednesday > Common Dreams and their meaning

for Dreamy Wednesday > Common Dreams and their meaning

I wasn’t able to post this last night.

My ISP did some system maintenance

so I had problems with the i-net connection.

Anyways, Did you ever experience having recurrent dreams about something or somebody
and asked yourself what does it mean, is it connected to what’s happening right now?
Well, I did.

I always have this dream of flying with a broomstick or
being inside a flying house.

Another one is that whenever I feel that there’s someone/something chasing after me
I’d go and look for a house where I can hide, only to find out that the door can’t be closed!
well it looks like this:

The door is smaller than the actual frame for that door. How unlucky!

So, What I did was google it and I then saw this site >

There are a couple of dream interpretations there.. you can also sheck that out.

I browsed some for a while and found answers to my questions.
Here are the psychic’s dream interpretation about flying and being chased.


As for the door that can’t be locked/closed,

I found this page where someone  has somewhat  the same dream as mine.

She asked:  What’s it mean to dream that you cannot lock your door?

Then somebody answered:  This can indicate a fear of complete independence,
or a broken trust, someone close to you has proved to be untrustworthy.

Another said: This could symbolize either of two things:Either it means that your subconscious thinks you need to be kept more secure from dangerous behavior around you or in your neighborhood.Or it stands for the idea that you cannot be kept safe because someone inside your family is bringing risk into the house already. In either case, the subconscious is expressing that it feels that you cannot defend yourself adequately from some risk – either emotional, financial, or physical, and that bothers it. It would prefer to avoid the risk exposure, but thinks that you cannot avoid it for some reason – thus it shows you the non-functioning or missing locks. It bothers me that in the one dream your parents had removed the locks – as if they themselves were responsible for the exposure. Perhaps some behavior of theirs is seen as the source for the risk to you happiness or well-being. The risk does not usually represent a physical attack of some sort – that is just the symbolism used – it represents some kind of risk to your happiness and well-being, though. also You may have a feeling that a person, group of people or force is always conflicting your ideas. Nomatter how hard you try you cant block these certain people out. Once you learn to stand your ground the dreams will go away.


Although the psychic made some points clear to me,

I’m still quite skeptical though if it really has connection with what’s going on with my right now.

I’ll look  further into that…



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