Entertainment Friday > What are the strengths of the top 5 K-pop girl groups?

Entertainment Friday > What are the strengths of the top 5 K-pop girl groups?

Today, the entertainment industry is overflowing with idol groups that are armed with each of their own strengths and colors, particularly girl groups. With such a huge variety of girl groups blooming in this ‘Girl group Golden Age’, Osen recently ran an article where five of the top representative girl groups of K-pop were examined and compared for each group’s strengths. Amongst the countless cliche girl groups currently on the market, it is these girls who have maintained their own territory with their unique set of charms and separated from the rest of the pack.

SNSD / Girls’ Generation – Good coordination between members, capable of pulling off a variety of styles

With as many as 9 members in the group, the myriad of strengths of SNSD are distributed equally within the group, allowing for their specialty in overall coordination to be accentuated.

The vocally talented Taeyeon and Jessica, the luxurious and feminine visuals of Yoona andYuri, the consistently skinny Sooyoung, the cute and innocent charms of Seohyun andTiffany, the fun and cute Sunny, and dancer Hyoyeon – it is these diverse strengths which permit for a greater number of people to match their tastes with the group and pick their biases, making them all the more appealing.

In addition, the group has an excellent ability of adapting easily to numerous concepts and styles, such as the sexy, cute, innocent, lively and fresh images. People also take fun in watching out for that one member who receives a complete makeover for the group’s new concept.

2NE1 –  Individuality, creativity, a powerful hold of the stage

The four member group, consisting of Park Bom, Sandara Park, Minzy and CL, are known to possess individuality that clearly differentiates them from other female idol groups. They also gain their popularity through their ‘aspiring, longing image’, along with their unconventional personalities.

With their powerful music, and doubly powerful stylists, they crossed to the high fashion world wearing unusual outfits directly made by world famous designers. This plants a perception of creativeness for the group. In addition, instead of wowing the crowds with the typical bling-bling, feminine concepts, they showcase very non-girl group-like charisma on stage with the use of their powerful choreography and energy.

KARA – A sense of familiarity, all members of equal beauty

KARA’s strength is that all members are so equally beautiful that one can consider all of them to take the ‘visuals’ role of the group.

The group led by lead vocalist Park Gyuri, Goo Hara, Kang Jiyoung, Han Seung Yeon andNicole all possess a feminine and mature beauty, making themselves known as a visually appealing group. However, instead of looking so perfect that it’s burdensome, the group holds a sense of familiarity in their attractiveness, which makes it easier for girls their age to relate to them.

Brown Eyed Girls – A sophisticated and defiant concept

When the Brown Eyed Girls (Jea, Narsha, Miryo, Ga-in) stepped foot into the K-pop scene with ‘Your Story’ back in 2006, their original concept focused mainly on their strong, charismatic vocals. However things changed when they released their 3rd album ‘Abracadabra‘. With this they showcased a new, sexy concept, which ultimately was a national jackpot and took them to the next level.

Everything about the ‘arrogant dance’ for ‘Abracadabra’, starting from their outfits, the dance itself, and the performance, showed exactly how important concepts are for girl groups. Furthermore, Narsha’s extravagant change in concept for her solo promotions had also received a great deal of attention.

Wonder Girls – A group full of effort

After the Wonder Girls (Sunye, Ye Eun, Sohee, Yubin, Hye Lim) advanced into the American market and succeeded, the results they achieved earned them images of a hardworking group. They even honestly revealed to their fans the difficulties and trials they faced during their time overseas, but the portrayal of the group running to reach the top nevertheless created a strong image for idol groups to follow.

The group may not be as strong in the visuals category as SNSD or KARA, but their subtle charms are what have attracted not only Korean fans, but also their fans across the globe as well.

Photo + Source: Osen

Reference: AllKpop


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