Hair falling out?!

Hair falling out?!

hair fall

This is what’s bothering me for the past few days..
Everytime i brush my hair after taking a bath or as soon as i wake up,
i would find myself freaking out on why
there are many hair strands left on my brush.
Was it because of the cheap hair coloring product I used
to color my hair auburn but in the end turned out to be really dark
that it looked like just plain black?!
Obviously it was a really bad choice!
or is it because i spend too much time in front of my pc..
that i’m overexposed to radiation and it’s causing my hair to fall out
*or maybe i’m just overreacting?!
Anyway.. I still find it odd looking at my brush with lots of hair in it.
It’s like it has its own wig now…
well it would look like it had wig if i didn’t clean it everytime I used it..  o_O


One thought on “Hair falling out?!

  1. This mmorning, when i turned on the TV, i saw Salamat DOC’s segment on Hair fall problems. Says there that stress and chemicals from shampoo or hair treatments affect our hair and sometimes it can lead to hair fall. I’d probably second that STRESS is a cause of hair fall! and Ooh, I gotta try that NOVUHAIR too.. ;o)

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