Techie Saturday > What’s up?

Techie Saturday > What’s up?

Oh yeah! crunching time for today’s task but
I can’t deny that I’m looking forward to spend some rest time for tomorrow’s off. ;D

This week, Myco got his new Parrot AR.Drone quadcopter.
at first I was kinda indifferent about it
but as soon as he showed me how it works,
i was intrigued and glad that he’s happy with his new toy.
It is controlled by an iPhone or in his case, an iPad.
Aside from looking like a hovering UFO craft…
the AR.Drone has 2 cameras installed
which you can use to view what’s in front and below it
or even take pictures with it..
plus it has AUTOMATIC LANDING and free flight application.
It’s very easy and fun to play with,
either indoor or outdoor.

Here’s a quick vid of Myco showing me how it works.

and here’s his latest mod..

parrot ar drone

ar drone modification

He’s also thinking of putting led lights as well..
hmm.. do you happen to know where can we get
inexpensive led light strips and drone spare parts?!
Pls. comment if you do.. ;o)

posting more pics soon…


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