My Dad and his hometown…Tabaco City

My Dad and his hometown…Tabaco City


Meet my dad, Zebede!

My young and poging-pogi Daddy na mahilig magbasketball at paborito ang scrambled eggs na may ketchup! “Bedyok” to some, “Panget” to Mommy (how sweet! nyahaha!) but “Daddy” to me and my siblings. This photo still brings tears to my eyes and God knows how I truly miss him.


jaz and dad

Daddy and Me

Everytime the school year ends (during my grade school years), he would take me and my brother to his hometown,  Tabaco City, where we would spend our vacation. It’s where we get to spend quality time with him, our cousins, aunties, uncles and best of all, our grandparents. It’s also where I learned how to make walis-tingting while camping out in front of our Lolo’s house. Lola would bring us merienda while we were making walis-tingting inside a man-made tent ;o) I remember when my cousins (girls) and I would also dress up and play mini beauty contests.  The boys had no choice but to join as well, as partners for us girls. I had so much fun playing with my cousins! These are just some of the memories I have of Tabaco City.

Speaking of Tabaco City,
Let me share with you a quick trivia about my dad’s hometown…

History of Tabaco City

According to local folklore, when the Spanish first arrived in Tabaco, they approached a native and askedthe name of the place. The native, who was a jealous father and didn’t understand Spanish, thought theywere trying to take his daughter His response was Tabac Co! Tabac Co! meaning My Bolo! My Bolo! His daughter brought his bolo, but by that time, the Spanish had already assumed he was referring to the name of the place.

tabaco google map


The Church of San Juan Bautista in Tabaco City

old tabaco church

tabaco church

Photo taken in front of Lolo’s house last  February 26, 2010  at 9:19am

It  is one of the most stately religious structures in the province of Albay. According to the Estado Geografico Estadistico Historico written in 1805 by Father DeHuerta, the recorded history olthe city began in 1587 through the missionary work of the FranciscanFathers. A church dedicated to St John the Baptist, the city’s patron saint, was first built in Tabaco in1616 byFr Pedro De Alcareso, The construction of the present church started in 1864 and wascompleted in 1879, The Tabaco Church is unique among Philippine churches because the stones usedto build the church bears the distinct marks of the Masons.

tabaco church markings

Markings of the Masons who built the church.


Here are some of the updated pics of Tabaco City that i got on the internet

tabaco city hall

Tabaco City Hall

St. John the Baptist Church.. WOW!


Tabaco pedicab or padyak

Hopefully, this year I can go back there to visit my relatives.  I miss them all! ;o)





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