Random shots of the day…

Random shots of the day…

village-fogging fogging machine

Mosquitoes were raided this morning..
Some guy used a fogging machine
to kill/ward off those pesky mosquitoes!
It’ll be back for sure
but for now.
forced eviction muna sila sa mga canal.

shoulder bags from myco

Myco brought home these cute shoulder bags na may touch of “Western”.
Yung parang boomerang is his and the Heart-shaped design is mine..
well, naging background props ang mga ito for the Colt SAA.. hehehe
Check this out! ;o)

Tanaka Colt .45 SAA Case Hardened 5.5in Custom Model

tanaka colt 45 saa


2 thoughts on “Random shots of the day…

  1. Hello,
    I know this is an older posting but I am a Tanaka Colt SAA collector myself and I was curious if the case hardened SAA in the photo was a special model or was that added as a custom aftermarket item?

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