Living virtually…

Living virtually…

I feel like crying.. i really miss my friends. It’s been so long since I haven’t got the chance to personally interact with them. I am a little afraid that some won’t even remember me at all.. just because of the long span of time that we haven’t been together or even shared a small conversation. Do they still know i consider them as friends? Probably not and they might hesitate to call my attention if ever our paths crossed again… I feel I might. For months, I have been secluded in our room (I can’t call it mine… sounds selfish to me, is that weird?) with the pc as my companion.. and skype, facebook and my blogs as my gateway to reality. Living virtually, as others call it, is nothing compared to living interactively. Yes, facebook helped a lot of us to get in touch with long lost friends, families and relatives.. but is it really an avenue to feel connected? In a away, i guess some of you have experienced this, there is a disconnection happening as well. Over the years we have allowed our social needs to become more fulfilled virtually and some choose not to interact up close and personal, but rather online through countless venues. I’m afraid that I am falling into this category… not by choice but by circumstances. I notice my social skills fleeting… Have I lost “ME”?

I have high hopes that I haven’t…
If you’ve read this, please LIKE this post or comment if you consider me as a friend
and pm me your contact details: cellphone # or landline number or ym/skype id
I’ll give you a call as soon as I can.
I would like to RECONNECT.



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