I was told I should not change the way how people knew me. I said yes but at the back of my mind I know in time I will change. People change.. that’s just inevitable. It maybe because of good/bad experiences one may have or the situation he/she is in or whatever. All I know is that it happens for a reason. There has to be one. I may not be able to fully explain how it happened.. it just did. I changed. I must say that, because I have, I may have disappointed a couple of people. The truth is I have not been truthful to myself about how I feel about certain things and I kept thinking that everything will be fine until I couldn’t bear it anymore. That’s why I decided to not care about what others would think of me. This time I wanted to do things my way. Yung ako namn ang masunod. I wanted to be able to decide on my own. Do you know how that feels? To have a say in my life… not US but just my own. Liberty! I wanted to feel that again. Yun lang namn ang gusto ko. Pero ewan ko ba… it always comes out the wrong way whenever I try to verbally explain myself. Anyway, nakaka-disappoint lang din dahil yung inaasahan kong taong makakaintindi ay di nakaintindi. I was misquoted which brought another issue na wala namn kinalaman doon sa main topic and in the end walang naidulot na mabuti and nakadagdag pa ng sama ng loob. Hay.. disappointing talga.. One more thing, I just realized that although I appreciate the person’s concern, I don’t like UNSOLICITED advices. To me, that’s like adding insult to injury. If you’re thinking you couldv’e have done better.. good for you… BUT NO THANKS. If I need help, I will be the one to personally ask for it. Now, I decide for myself para pag ok ang naging kinalabasan ng desisyon ko, I can tap my shoulder and say I did it because I choose to and not because someone made me do it! Same goes if results are bad.. at least I only have myself to blame.


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