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Hi Wi-tribe customer service,

I would like to complain my very slow internet speeds!!!!
I ran 3 consecutive speedtests on your website and I got very slow download speeds!!!!
Attached here are the screen shots of the speed tests…
It’s even slower than your cheapest plan with 512 kbps!!!

Last Result:
Download Speed: 124 kbps (15.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 101 kbps (12.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 121 ms
Wed Aug 03 2011 00:20:13 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time)

It is so unfair that I’m getting this speed
especially since I am a Plan 2mbps subscriber!!!
I need you guys to stop tinkering with my account
and adjusting the connection speeds!
Last time I called, the agent said that she just removed
the redirection something because my account was said to be delinquent!
Which by the way.. FYI, was already FULLY PAID even before the due date!!!!
(with a balance of -176.00 pesos because I paid more than
the last month’s due amount)
Please have this rectified ASAP!!!
I could not tolerate you guys any longer!!!
I still have my recorded conversations with a couple of your agents in my phone..
One of which has the agent promising me a callback from a manager
who actually didn’t call me back that’s why I had to call you again
before finally speaking to a helpful manager
who promised me a billing adjustment this month.
I sure hope you follow up on this! Be very careful of your response
as I will be posting updates to my blog
So we can all see how Witribe customer service really cares about its clients!

Jazee Llaguno



From: “customercare@ph.wi-tribe.com” <customercare@ph.wi-tribe.com>
To: Jazee Llaguno
Sent: Wednesday, 3 August 2011 11:04 PM
Subject: RE: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Ms Jazee Mae.

Thank you for forwarding this concern to us. Re received your email on August 3, 2011 regarding slow browsing.

We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

To address your slow browsing concern, we suggest you try our initial troubleshooting to further isolate the problem.

* Please indicate the complete address where you are using the modem
* Unplug – replug modem (modem power cycle)
* Check number of signal lights. If below 5 bars (using Motorola / black modem) / 4 bars (using Gemtek / red modem), try to relocate the modem within the house, preferably near the window where there is no obstruction outside or anywhere in the house where signal is present.
* Check if using 3rd party router, if yes, bypass other router, connect modem directly to one pc only and conduct modem power cycle
* Conduct speed test, you may use speedtest.net, use Makati server and conduct speed test using wi-tribe.ph speed checker. Conduct speed test 2 times, get the average.
* Try using other browsers if present, if none, continue with existing browser
* Optimize browser by clearing cache (deleting files, cookies, etc.)
* Temporarily stop/pause if there is/are running peer-to-peer applications or any other downloading applications while conducting speedtest or browsing
* Perform restore factory settings inside the gateway of the modem by:
> Open a browser then go to URL (If using Motorola / black modem) / (If using Gemtek / red modem).
> Enter the password “motorola” (If using Motorola / black modem) / “witribe” (If using Gemtek / red modem).
> Go to “Personalize” tab
> Click “Restore factory settings”
> Then click “Apply”
> Wait for the modem to restart and acquire steady signal lights.

If you experience the same problem after doing basic trouble shooting, may we kindly ask you to send us screenshots of the speed test (conduct speed test through speedtest.net, use Makati server and speed test using wi-tribe.ph speed checker), ping (at least 3 websites which you usually access) and trace route (3 websites – same with ping) results. Kindly provide us also following information:

MAC ID: (located at the bottom of the modem)
Service Add: (Please provide nearby streets or cross street and nearest landmarks)
***If you could provide us the latitude and longitude of your area, please do so. To get it, you may refer to http://www.maps.google.com, search for your location, point the cursor to the exact location then right click and choose “Directions to here”. Please take note of the number which will appear on the left side of the map

* Please provide the signal strength experienced. (How many signal bars?)
* Are you located at high rise building? What floor?
* Are there any hi-rise structures around your vicinity?
* When was the date/time you experience slow browsing?
* Do you experience good connection before complaining of slow browsing?
* Check if encountering the same problem when you are using other ISP to the same laptop or desktop.
* What are the sites visited where you experienced slow browsing?
* What was the experience while connecting to international and local website?
* What are the results conducting speedtest from Makati server using http://www.speedtest.net and from http://www.wi-tribe.ph/index.html? Kindly attach the result.
* What are the application use by customer when experience slow connection? (eg. torrents, p2p, web browsing, downloading)
* What are the results of the ping test and traceroute of the website you are trying to browse in the command prompt (e.g. ping yahoo.com) Kindly attach the result.
* What is the desktop / laptop specs including processor, memory (ram), and video card?
* Please provide the following by accessing your modem settings via GUI:

For Motorola Modem, please follow these procedure:

-While the modem is properly plugged in to your computer, kindly open a web browser.
-On the address bar, kindly type in then click on enter.
-Next page will be WiMax Motorola Page password page, on the password page, please type in “motorola”, then enter.
-Once successfully logged in, please click on “Status”
-Scroll down page, look for RSSi and CINR with (*)

For GEMTEK, the red modem, kindly launch a browser, visit your Modem’s GUI at using witribe as password.

-While the modem is properly plugged in to your computer, kindly open a web browser.
-On the address bar, kindly type in then click on enter.
-Next page will be WiMax Gemtek password page, on the password page, please type in “witribe”, then enter.
-Once successfully logged in, look for RSSi and CINR and BSID

Also upon checking, we found out that your area is covered but in your current address you are connecting to a farther service station. This is possibly the factor affecting your slow connection. If you may Ms Jazee Mae, we can offer you a modem replacement for mobility purposes. If you can do a follow-up on the modem parameters, please give us the RSSI, CINR and BSID on the status area of your modem. If this option is ok for you, please feel free to call out hotline so we can inform you the details of our offer.

Please let us know if we have resolved your concern to your satisfaction.

If at any time you require assistance, have any questions or queries, you may e-mail us at customercare@wi-tribe.ph, or contact our 24-hour customer dedicated hotline, 31-TRIBE. To know more about our products, offerings, and shop locations, visit our website at http://www.wi-tribe.ph.


wi-tribe ,)


>>> OK.. I just have to follow the instructions and we’ll see..

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