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I recently purchased an INDOOR HIGH POWER WIRELESS-N LONG RANGE MIMO AP ROUTER [1T1R] from CDR-King for Php 990.00 only. It’s cheaper than what Globe was offering (Php 350.00/month x 3 = Php 1,050.00) so i think i got a good deal.

Here’s what’s included in the box (Install CD not pictured below but is included):

I was trying to set it up yesterday but unfortunately, I was not able to configure it securely (GLOBE MODEM (ethernet cable) > AP ROUTER > PC on wireless connection). The WIFI connection was broadcasting publicly. Anyone can connect to it w/o password and i didn’t want that. The problem was that whenever I tried connecting the LAN cable from AP ROUTER to PC, the ROUTER would immediately turn off (all lights went off – POWER, WAN, WLAN, LAN 1-4). Since I can’t get it to work last night… I contacted CDR-King online support and through YM Chat.. he gave me a document which had Step by Step procedures on how configure the LP-8186 AP/Router on Globe connection (you can view this below). He suggested that I use another LAN cable for the AP ROUTER to PC Connection because some cables are not crimped properly according to him… i tried the LAN cable I was using on Wi-tribe (so i’m sure that it works) but the AP ROUTER still turns off as soon as I connect the LAN cable connected to my PC. Then, after a while.. I tried switching the cables I got from Globe and AP ROUTER and… thank GOD.. it worked!!!! So my set up is:

Ethernet Cable 1:
GLOBE MODEM (LAN cable from AP ROUTER, gray) > WAN Port of AP ROUTER

Ethernet Cable 2:
LAN Prot of AP ROUTER (LAN Cable from GLOBE DS,yellow) > LAN Port of PC


Download here

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