Tech Treats: Split Screen – Chrome extension

Tech Treats: Split Screen – Chrome extension

*Only works for Google Chrome

Download here:

Split Screen


Prompts the user for two URL addresses and then displays both in one window!

Opens a new tab and prompts the user for two URL’s, then displays both sites on one page. Great for cross-reference studying and surfing the web in general! Watch a video, (or wait for it to buffer) while you surf another webpage.

Now has a fully customizable options page… Choose your default webpages to load on opening the extension…

Equipped with a notepad which saves whatever you write for the next time you use the extension… great for studying!!!
Click and drag a bookmark into the URL field…
TURN ON AUTOCOMPLETE to make typing in URL’s faster! :
Go to tools – options – personal stuff – and enable “form autofill”…
Press F11 for full screen.

CHANGELOG: – Most sites work now πŸ˜€ Even Https:// sites, the exceptions being Facebook and Twitter and a few obscure sites…

This extension can access:

  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • Your data on all websites



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