Awww... such a cute bunny!

Rabbit Trivia

Question: Why are rabbits also called bunnies?

Answer: The word “bunny” comes from a separate English term bun, which was used in place of the word “rabbit” in some areas in medieval England. A third word used by Norman French invaders of England was coney, from which we get Coney Island.

Question: Do rabbits make noise? 
Answer: Yes! While most rabbits don’t, there are some rabbits that will grunt or snort, somewhat similar to a guinea pig but will generally only do that when they are not happy. Some rabbits will snore when sleeping. Rabbits can also scream but that is quite uncommon.

Question: Should rabbits have a bath?
Answer: No! Rabbits are very clean animals and should never be given a bath. In cases where they may get diarrhea, it is ok to bathe the bottom area only.

Question: Do rabbits need to have their nails trimmed?
Answer: Yes! Rabbits need regular nail trimmings. You can use cat clippers and trim just above the quick. The quick is the blood vessel in the nail, which is the pink coloring you see.

Question: Do rabbits need shots?
Answer: In the United States, rabbits do not need to get any shots. This is not true in all countries where you may want to vaccinate them against RHD (rabbit hemorrhagic disease).

Question: What can you do with rabbit poop?
Answer: Rabbit poop makes a wonderful fertilizer. Use it in your gardens or on your lawn.

Question: Do rabbits like to be held?
Answer: No. Most rabbits hate being held. Being animals of prey, they feel better having all feet on the ground. You can still snuggle with them and most of them love attention!

Question: Should rabbits fast before surgery?
Answer: Absolutely not! Rabbits cannot vomit so there isn’t a choking hazard when they are under anesthesia. Fasting can harm your rabbit and cause them to go into G.I. stasis.

Question: Do rabbits like to play with cardboard boxes?
Answer: Rabbits love to go inside cardboard boxes. They use them as secluded rest areas and then customize them by digging and chewing. Some people add hay for them to dig in.

Question: How much hay should my rabbit eat?
Answer: Your rabbit should be given an unlimited supply of hay and encouraged to eat as much as possible to keep their digestive tract healthy and prevent blockages.

Question: When do you spray a rabbit’s ears?
Answer: On hot days, take a spray mister and gently spray the back of your rabbit’s ears. Since rabbits regulate their body temperature through their ears, this can help them cool off.

Question: Can rabbits eat dandelions?
Answer: Many rabbits love to eat dandelions from your lawn. The blooms can be a favorite and the leaves are quite tasty. 

Question: Do rabbits need their teeth trimmed?
Answer: The average rabbit does not need their teeth trimmed. In a small percentage of rabbits the teeth don’t align properly and a veterinarian will need to trim them on a regular basis.

 Question: Is bread a good treat for my rabbit?
Answer: No, the starch in bread could cause digestive problems.

 Question: Do male rabbits spray?
Answer: Yes, unneutered male rabbits, like cats, may spray. This one of the benefits of getting your boy neutered.

Question: At what age can baby bunnies leave their mother?

Answer: Baby bunnies should not leave their mother until they are eight weeks old. They typically stop nursing about 6-7 weeks of age.

Question: Should rabbits live alone?
Answer: Most rabbits are happier when they live with a mate. However, first you must spay/neuter the rabbits. Then they must be introduced gradually. This is generally referred to as “bonding” or “dating.”

Question: Do rabbits have pads on the bottoms of their paws, like dogs and cats?
Answer: No, rabbits do not have pads on their paws, only fur. Rabbits should have a soft blanket or rug and should have their feet checked regularly for signs of sore hocks (inflamed areas on the bottom of the feet).

Question: Are rabbits nocturnal?

Answer: No, rabbits are crepuscular. This means that they are most active at dusk and dawn.

Question: Do rabbits like bananas?
Answer: Most rabbits love bananas but only give them as a nice treat. Small quantities only are best — about a half inch per rabbit.

Question: How many inches can a rabbit’s teeth grow in a year?
Answer: As much as 12cm. Rabbits’ teeth grow continually throughout their lives as they are continually being worn down by gnawing.

 Question: Are rabbits rodents?
Answer: Rabbits are not rodents. They belong to a special family called lagomorphs, which includes hares and the North American pika.

Question: If a rabbit continually rubs its chin on something, what is it doing?
Answer: Rabbits have scent glands under their chins and use them for marking out their territory.

Question: How frequently can a female rabbit give birth?
Answer: A doe rabbit can produce litters of up to ten babies every 31 days!



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