[Solved] How to Configure Globe 3G Settings in Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 (Prepaid SIM)

[Solved] How to Configure Globe 3G Settings in Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 (Prepaid SIM)

Go to Settings > Wireless and network

Go to Mobile networks

Check Use packet data Then go to Access Point Names

Create New APN

Type your desired AP Name

Type this APN setting

SAVE the settings

and you’re done!

*TIP:  Uncheck  Use packet data setting if you’re not using 3G to connect to the internet to avoid unwanted charges.

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Reference: http://surf.globe.com.ph/plan/superfb10


Reference: http://surf.globe.com.ph/plan/powersurf-prepaid


Reference: http://surf.globe.com.ph/plan/supersurf


43 thoughts on “[Solved] How to Configure Globe 3G Settings in Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 (Prepaid SIM)

    1. Hi jazee and Chang, can you please help me di ko maiconnect note 10.1 ko tho sinundan ko step by step jaz =(

      1. Hi Keith,

        IDK how to explain further.
        I already gave the instructions in detail with photo.
        Is it possible that you’re on a postpaid plan/sim?
        lam ko kasi ibang settings yun 🙂
        Some already said that it worked for them.
        I am not sure why it wouldn’t work for you.
        Just try to follow the steps again and if that doesn’t work
        you can try giving 211 (Globe Customer Service) a call
        for more info/help.

        Thanks 🙂

  1. tanung kolang po pwede ko gamitin d2 sa galaxy tab ko ung broadband sim ko saka ganyan settings din ba gamitin ko? salamat

    1. Hi Jhune, you’ll never know until you try it 😉 I haven’t tried it on a broadband sim because I only used this procedure on a globe prepaid sim. Let us know if it works. hopefully it would 🙂

    1. I’m not really sure why though. Ask assistance from globe I think. or try to google some more how-tos/fixes for this. for sure meron kang kaparehang case 🙂

  2. on your network mode(just below APN) change GSM to WCDMA

    gsm is 2g and wcdma is 3g

    or on your dialer

    dial *#*#4636#*#*
    phone information
    (scroll down) then,
    select WCDMA ONLY


  3. it worked !!! salamat talga .. this was very useful .. di na ako gumastos pra lang sa configuration .. salamat talaga .. more power po .. 😀

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