Life is so complicated…

Life is so complicated…

I just wanted my life to be simple yet other people always make it complicated.
The worst part would be if it’s your family that’s making it that way.
Because you can’t turn your back away from them. You’re connected by blood.
And no matter what you do, you have to be there for them.
But it’s more heart-breaking, and more stressful… it’s really painful.
I never stole anything that’s not mine and I never took credit for someone else’s work.
I never asked for anything grand but at least I want to have a peaceful mind,
a clean name and conscience because it’s what I only have.
Thing is, I already put my ass on the line for someone dear to me
and that same person left me hanging, leaving my name and integrity tarnished because of that..
It’s really frustrating and disappointing!

So, here I am.. drowning… drowning all my frustrations and woes away through music…
It’s what I think I need right now so I can move on…
I can’t think straight as I am too depressed.
I need some time to re-think about what’s going on.
The last thing I would want is to end up as an encumbrance to others.
I can’t live my life like that and I will not take the same path
that I’ve seen go downhill already.

I promise myself that next time…
I would not let myself be in this shitty situation again.
I would never let anyone, even my family, get me into this situation again.


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