My Four (4) Rules in a Relationship…

My Four (4) Rules in a Relationship…

After my previous relationships, I have realized what I need in a relationship so a guy can keep me. 🙂


Here are my four (4) rules:

  1. MAKE ME LAUGH. Mababaw lang namn ang kaligayahan ko. I laugh at almost anything. Funny gestures, hilarious and witty jokes, sweet and corny comments. Notice that it’s NUMBER ONE! Because I feel happy when I laugh. I love to laugh! It makes moments memorable. I’m attracted to funny guys. So if you’re funny, may plus points ka na! Do FUN things with me and WE WILL BOTH BE HAPPY! 🙂


  2. SURPRISE ME. I am a hopeless romantic. Enough said! ♥


  3. KEEP YOUR PROMISES. If you say one thing or two… make sure YOU CAN and WILL DO IT! This is a TRUST issue. If I lose trust in someone, I lose interest. I understand that there will be instances where a guy can’t do it for some acceptable reason so I can still make an exception but a guy must let me know about it beforehand. Ayoko ng paligoy-ligoy or any lame excuses. Prangkahin lang ako dahil madali lang namn ako kausap… wag lang ako TOPAKIN! ahahaha! 😀


  4. LOVE MY FAMILY. This is important to me. They are my everything! I can’t imagine myself anymore to be with a man who doesn’t accept and love my family as I do. We may not be rich but we are a BIG and HAPPY/NOISY/FUN Family. 😀 If you love my family, then I will love yours in return… it’s that simple. 🙂



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