What is PHCoin?

What is PHCoin?

PH Coin ~ Philippines Digital Currency

Rewarding Freelancers, Miners, and Related Projects.

The Digital Currency Tribute to the Republic of the Philippines

PHCoin - Philippines Digital CurrencyPHCoin is the first Digital Currency to be based in the Philippines. Employers can hire freelancers and pay in PH Coin. Anyone can be freelancer by submitting their resume, and get paid in the form of the PH Coin Digital Currency.

PHCoin is looking to introduce Freelancing Jobs Platform (set to release in less than 30 days) as another option for any freelancer to get rewards for participating with PHCoin and its job platform such as posting a resume, finding a job, and getting hired. In addition, you pay virtually NO FEES compared to traditional job platforms that charge you for every transaction you do on their website.

PHCoin is ready to be the problem solver to the jobless freelancers who could be working within the decentralized (Digital Currency) communities; starting with PHCoin, rewarding Miners, Investors, Employers, Freelancers, and the Crypto Currency community.

Here’s a GOOD NEWS

I have been chosen to distribute PH coins!!! More information coming very soon! Follow me @bebejaz and @PHCoins for updates!

Get Started

Setup PHCoin Wallet and get started
How to setup PHCoin Windows Wallet software


With PH Coin, You Can…

Trade or Exchange
Buy, Sell, Trade, Exchange: PHCoin For PESOS, USD, EURO, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and over 200+ Digital Currencies.

Accept Payments
Start accepting PH Coin payments method for freelancing online, individually or with your team.

Mining Money
Computers can mine digital coins. Discover how computing power can start mining PH Coin on a daily basis.

Build service, applications, & 1000+ un-developed Projects supporting the Philippines Digital Currency: PH Coin.

For more information, please visit: http://www.phcoin.org/

PHCoin on Youtube


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