2006 vs. 2013

2006 vs. 2013

Let’s see how much I have changed in 7 years 😀

 Questions…  2006  2013
Your fears: losing loved ones, heights losing loved ones, be an old maid LOL
Travel around the world: this means i have a good career well, this needs to be in my bucket list… i haven’t really thought about it. Now that I am single, maybe it’s time ^_^
Your thoughts first waking up: anong oras nga ba pasok ko sa work?tumaen na kaya c bebe? water! I’m thirstay :))
Your best physical feature: hair daw.. hahaha!! hair lang.. toinks?the question is.. sang hair yan? lolz my bum haha! 😉
Your most missed memory: family reunion sa sorsogon.. …partying at Juice Bar and Club Parao!
Pepsi or Coke: coke still…. Coke!
McDonald’s or Burger King: love ko to… Mcdo dahil yun ang nakasanayan. Burger King… I only tried once lang when I was craving for a burger and I wanted to eat one right then and there.
Single or group dates: Single Single syempre
Adidas or Nike: di ako mapili.. basta ganda design Any
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Nestea Nestea iced tea
Cappuccino or coffee: pampaihi lang yan..di ako mahilig..pambasag ng AUX 2 kow!! mokafrap ne leng.. ep yu nu wet e min.. hehe Cappuccino with cinnamon and empi lights! 🙂 Delicioso! 😀
Smoke: not at all.. good na akei.. binawasan ko na from 1 pack a day to half pack a day ^_^ tried to quit but i had a hard time so now paunti unti na lang
Drink: seldom every chance I get 😀
Take a shower: ano tawag pag gamit mo tabo?hmmm. buhos?wakekeke… usually 1-2 times a day depende kung gumala ako.. pero pag tinatamad minsan wala ahaha!
Have a crush: dami eh.. di nga lang local celebs.. madami pa din. crush lang namn pala eh!
Think you’ve been in love: sOoOoO inlove pwede?! yes
Like(d) school:  YEP YEP
health freak:  NO may times…
Gone to the mall:  Everyday po.. for the last 2 weeks.. inde
Been on stage:  yep centerstage pa.. when i performed with my pep friendz.. miss you guys!!! nga pala congratz sa FJX because they won last RX montster radiostreet dance competition held last saturday sa market! market!.. they got 2nd place..1st place was bagged by UP ano pa..gO UMAK!!! yeah
Eaten Sushi: bwelk! yeeep
Been dumped: sadly.. yes! well… oo! T.T
Gone skating: uhuh.. nagtry lang pero di ko inaral. di ko bet
Dyed your hair: yep several times na
Gotten beaten up: no.. i am the one who beats them up… nah
Changed who you were to fit in: i guess i did. minsan nag-aadjust depende sa taong kasama
Age you hoping to be married: 24-25 before 30
Age you hoping to have children: maybe at 24-26 definitely before 30!
WHAT WERE YOU DOING… 1 MINUTE AGO: shumashagot sa surbey… recovering files from corrupted external hard drive
1 HOUR AGO: nagfafacial.. toinkz! FB chat with Mark
1 WEEK AGO: nasa lakwatsa with bebe.. sundayeh.. bebe’s date yan xiempz was out with my friends drinking and catching up…
Song you like: The Fray – How to save a life Icona Pop – Girlfriend

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